Amir Anzur

Lessons In Marketing From a Beyonce Concert

  Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Beyonce in concert at the The O2 Arena in London. It’s been a while since I have gone to a big brand concert and here were a few lessons from seeing a marketing...
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What a Difference a Thought Makes

We all live inside our heads. A thought, negative or positive can impact the outlook of how you feel in life. We’re going to make it. No one will buy. She will say yes. They will make fun of me. I...
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How I Became Awesome

Big headed. I know. But this is the true story of how I became awesome: Step 1: Figured out when I wasn’t happy. Step 2: Spent many years finding myself through reading books, traveling, life coaches, attending educational courses, hanging...
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Lessons In Entrepreneurship From the Chinese Bamboo Tree

The Chinese bamboo tree has to be watered and fertilized everyday for 5 years and hardly grows in its first 5 years of its existence.  If in those 5 years the tree is not watered or fertilized it will die...
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“Give me enough medals, and I will win any war.” Napoleon Bonaparte, military genius.

Napoleon believed that it wasn’t money that incentivized men to fight harder in battles, but simply the honor of winning a medal. Medals and honors have been used throughout human society to help improve standards in various industries. Athletes train...
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