Amir Anzur

5 Reasons the World Must Help Elect Sadiq Khan for London Mayor

  On Thursday, May 5th 2016 Londoners will go to the polling booths to elect their next mayor. The race is effectively between Zac Goldsmith of the Conservative party and Sadiq Khan of the Labour party. As a Londoner, I...
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A Pair Of Glasses Allows Man To Become Lottery Winner

He used to put on his glasses every morning, but that particular morning he forgot his glasses somewhere at home. He went to buy a lottery scratch-off ticket as he used to do since years and by mistake he got...
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Narrative structure in video games

Who doesn’t know a video or computer game title? Probably everyone of us had the experience to play a video game at least once in life. Just think about the old Amiga computers with the first Arcade games, the same...
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Lessons In Marketing From a Beyonce Concert

  Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Beyonce in concert at the The O2 Arena in London. It’s been a while since I have gone to a big brand concert and here were a few lessons from seeing a marketing...
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What a Difference a Thought Makes

We all live inside our heads. A thought, negative or positive can impact the outlook of how you feel in life. We’re going to make it. No one will buy. She will say yes. They will make fun of me. I...
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