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A Pair Of Glasses Allows Man To Become Lottery Winner

He used to put on his glasses every morning, but that particular morning he forgot his glasses somewhere at home. He went to buy a lottery scratch-off ticket as he used to do since years and by mistake he got a winning ticket.

The story is pretty attractive and charming, like all stories about lottery winners.

Everything happened by mistake: he forgot his glasses by mistaken and as a consequence he decided to use a vending machine for the first time. He bought this way two scratch-off tickets, of which one was the winning one.

However, in a first moment, the lucky winner didn’t even realize he had won something like $30, because without his glasses he couldn’t read the ticket very well.

As he came back home after work, his wife told him he had a winning scratch-off ticket in his pocket and that he had won $30… all because of a pair of forgotten glasses!

Manage A Lottery Winning

Winning only $30 is not that hard and possibly this small but nice lottery winning won’t have any bad consequences on the quality of life of this lucky man. But the problem is that most lottery winners cannot manage a single cent of their millionaire jackpot prizes. This is the most worrying point, because it turn out to be the main cause for such lottery winners for bankruptcy and financial problems.

The management of a lottery winning is a serious job and you should trust professional attorneys and money consultants in order to get a management plan, so you can know how much to spend and how much to use for costs of life.

Icelotto & Important Information About Lotto Winnings

On icelotto.com you can read many informative articles about this topic, which is one of the most relevant for many lottery winners.

Normally, we put much attention on only millionaire lottery winnings and this means to talk merely about jackpots or more rarely about 2nd lotto prizes.

But there are also so many other prizes lottery players can win downwards to the minimum prize which is generally as worth as the ticket’s price for that specific lottery game ($1 as in the Mega Millions game or $2 as in the Powerball game).       Games on Icelotto

Normally, small winnings are paid directly by the Icelotto platform, which will credit the winning’s amount directly on the winner’s personal account. Larger prizes are to be claimed in person: v will send useful instructions to the winner to follow.

Best Lotteries To Play On Icelotto

Normally, the most appreciated lottery games on Icelotto reflect the most played and appreciated games in the world. Today, many Americans and European lotto games are popular in the rest of the globe as well, and this might be considered as an effect of the diffusion of online platforms that offer lotteries and lotto games.

On Icelotto lottery players can choose their game to play from the following list of lotteries and lottos: Mega Millions, Powerball, New York Lotto, Lotto 649, Euro Millions, Euro Jackpot, SuperEnalotto, Loteria Nacional, LA primitive and El Gordo.

All games are offered along with a generator or random numbers, which is free and helpful to get fresh new sets of numbers to play. Such sets of numbers can be played only once and they are to be considered as personal numbers.

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