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Why Education Is Broken – The PhD

According to the current structure of education if Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson Mark Zuckerberg or Thomas Edison came and taught at a university they would actually hurt the rankings.  You see these guys were university drop outs.  They...
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How To Market Your City – City Placement

Cities around the world want to attract more tourists as well as entrepreneurs and businesses from around the world.  Tourists bring money locally and create jobs. They stay in hotels, eat at restaurants, buy souvenirs and some even end up...
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The 3 Fs Of A Startup

The first people to invest in a start up are usually what is known as the 3 Fs: Friends, Family and Fools. The start up years are the most intense and difficult years. You don’t have a full product and...
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How Ecademy Helped Me Become An Entrepreneur

If facebook had a godfather than ecademy would be it.  Founded by Penny and Thomas Power back in 1999 when Mark Zuckerberg’s voice was about to break (he must have been 13 at the time) it is a real network. ...
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Why It’s Safe To Go Back To The Village

If you wanted to be “in the know” you had to move out of your village and move to the big city.  Move to Los Angeles, New York or London to connect to people.  You could exchange knowledge and ideas. ...
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