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Webpreneur. Learnaholic. Teacher. Dean at Webpreneur Academy.com.


Thinking of starting your own business but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you have already started and figuring out it wasn’t as easy as you thought? Or you simply want to get ahead in your corporate career? Even...
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Don’t Work. Think.

Its hard to measure quality thinking.  Its easy to measure other things: number of PowerPoint slides produced, number of words written, hours spent in the office. But what is easy to measure is not necessarily better to measure. Our brains...
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Why People Are Poor Part 1

I’m sitting at a small independent internet cafe writing this post.  Its a basic place and highlighted to me one reason why countries/people are poor – and sometimes it doesn’t take much effort to get people to create wealth for...
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Pick Your Own Race

Today I did the triathlon in Lausanne. I was one of the last to finish and was initially embarrassed at how far behind the main crowd I was. But then I realized that life is about competing against yourself. We...
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Finding My Audience

As I began to venture into the world of writing I pretty soon started to struggle to find what my “niche” was going to be. Is it technology, personal development or entrepreneurship? Should my style be funny or serious? Am...
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