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5 Reasons the World Must Help Elect Sadiq Khan for London Mayor

  On Thursday, May 5th 2016 Londoners will go to the polling booths to elect their next mayor. The race is effectively between Zac Goldsmith of the Conservative party and Sadiq Khan of the Labour party. As a Londoner, I...
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“Give me enough medals, and I will win any war.” Napoleon Bonaparte, military genius.

Napoleon believed that it wasn’t money that incentivized men to fight harder in battles, but simply the honor of winning a medal. Medals and honors have been used throughout human society to help improve standards in various industries. Athletes train...
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Why I’m A Workaholic!

It’s Friday night (7th Feb 2014) and guess what I’m at my computer again. I’ve got an admission to make. I’m a workaholic. Yes. It sucks. Not that Ferrari driving, spending 4 hours a week on the computer internet millionaire....
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An Interview with Pakistani Sporting Legend Imran Khan

Whether it be a sports team, a classroom, a business or a country a leader can have a massive impact on the organisation. Imran Khan led Pakistan’s cricket team to winning the Cricket World Cup in 1992.  To Pakistani sports...
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Purple Camel Marketing

Seth Godin, in his book The Purple Cow, tells a story of when he and his American family visited France.  They went for a drive through the scenic French countryside and noticed all the beautiful scenery and the scenic cows. ...
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