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What a Difference a Thought Makes

We all live inside our heads. A thought, negative or positive can impact the outlook of how you feel in life. We’re going to make it. No one will buy. She will say yes. They will make fun of me. I...
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54th Wind

There is a phenomena in distance running known as the “second wind“.   This is when the runner gets really tired a long way into the race.   She feels that she can’t go on.   And all of a...
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Faith: A Critical Skill for the Entrepreneur

“Faith” is knowing that things work out in the end. If you don’t have “faith” as an entrepreneur you will have a lot of anxiety caused by the uncertainty that your journey will bring. At certain stages of your business...
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The Age Of Independence

In the 1700’s men and women used to be free. They used to own their own small businesses and got up when they wanted, what they earned was up to them. Along came the industrial revolution in the 1800s and...
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Before You Can Win the Game, Learn the Rules

In order to win any game, you need to learn the rules of the game first. If you want to win at football, you need to know that you can’t use your hands. If you want to win at basketball,...
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