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Lessons In Entrepreneurship From the Chinese Bamboo Tree

The Chinese bamboo tree has to be watered and fertilized everyday for 5 years and hardly grows in its first 5 years of its existence.  If in those 5 years the tree is not watered or fertilized it will die...
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Why I’m A Workaholic!

It’s Friday night (7th Feb 2014) and guess what I’m at my computer again. I’ve got an admission to make. I’m a workaholic. Yes. It sucks. Not that Ferrari driving, spending 4 hours a week on the computer internet millionaire....
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An open letter to unblock YouTube in Pakistan

I am a keen advocate of using YouTube for education and self-development.  I wrote an Open letter to unblock YouTube in Pakistan in Dawn.com – Pakistan’s leading online and offline newspaper. The article below was published in May 2013 and...
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A Pair Of Glasses Allows Man To Become Lottery Winner

He used to put on his glasses every morning, but that particular morning he forgot his glasses somewhere at home. He went to buy a lottery scratch-off ticket as he used to do since years and by mistake he got...
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What’s The Deal With Pastries And The Lottery?

Have you heard of the Toronto bakery giving away free Powerball tickets for every purchase of at least $20 for the game with massive jackpot prize worth US$1.4 billion? The more than impressive jackpot given south of the border is...
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