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Internetism CoverInternetism (noun) – The belief that the Internet will make the world a wealthier place.

When you truly believe that something can and will happen for you, you will take more action to make it happen.  By taking more action, the likelihood of your dream becoming a reality becomes much stronger.

This book is written simply to help increase your belief in the Internet.

When you truly trust that the Internet will help improve your life, you will accelerate your journey online.  Internetism will give you the grasp of what is possible, what types of people are improving their lives online and exactly how the internet can play a bigger role in your life wherever you live. You don’t know, what you don’t know.  This book is a powerful book to teach you the possibilities of careers and life online.

Internetism has been made the standard book on the Internet economy at leading universities and schools around the world and read by thousands of people determined to win in the Internet economy.

Amir Anzur has 15 years of experience in the Internet world and over 5 years of teaching students from around the world.  His clients have included Amazon.com, Google, Intel, Nestle, Samsung and Xbox.  Amir is a true pioneer and converter of people to the vision of how the Internet will improve their lives. The book is released under an open source license so you can read it for free and forward it to friends.






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