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Amir Anzur

Your Third Wave On the Internet

Your first wave on the internet started with you getting an email account and browsing websites of other companies.  You were able to check your prospective employers and see what other companies were all about.  You read the news online...
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How the Television Created Wealth

If you want to see “history repeating itself” – you can learn from the television on how wealth can be created. Think of an actor working a few hundred years ago – before the Television came along. A “Tom Cruise”...
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Lessons in Entrepreneurship from Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus convinced a venture capitalist (the Queen of Spain) in the 1400?s to fund his voyage to get to India by sailing West from Spain. At the time all traders got to India by traveling East through Italy and...
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Building Up Your Digital Assets

In the old economy we were taught to build up our assets. Buy a house.  Put money in the bank account.  Invest in the stock market. Over time the equity would hopefully build and your money would work for itself....
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10 Lessons in Entrepreneurship in 2010

I took a few years gap in entrepreneurship to get a steady job and learn about an industry for which I had developed a passion:  education.  In 2010 I made the transition back to the world of entrepreneurship and here...
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