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Amir Anzur

ABP: Always Be Pitching

  When new entrepreneurs often start on a new venture they don’t want to tell people their idea.  What happens if someone steals it?   Or the person they are speaking to is not “important” enough to pitch to or...
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4 Ways to Increase the Monetary Value of Your Website

Today we have a guest post from Alex Papa a serial entrepreneur and publisher of “What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Starting a Business & Schools Do Not“ Have you ever wanted to build a website that is worth...
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An Interview with Pakistani Sporting Legend Imran Khan

Whether it be a sports team, a classroom, a business or a country a leader can have a massive impact on the organisation. Imran Khan led Pakistan’s cricket team to winning the Cricket World Cup in 1992.  To Pakistani sports...
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Chief Everything Officer

When you start out your business, you will most likely be “Chief Everything Officer”.  From the accounts, to marketing, PR, HR, Customer Support, CTO, COO, legal, cleaner, secretary and every other possible position you can imagine. As the entrepreneur you...
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What is your Niche in the World?

  Being the number one in the world for everything is really hard work.  Pele couldn’t be the best footballer, boxer and golfer – he picked a sport and became the best in the world in it. Finding your niche...
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