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Amir Anzur

Waiting For Reality To Catchup

As the entrepreneur you tend to be the dreamer.  You imagine something which isn’t there yet.  Walt Disney had to imagine Disney World when it was just a bunch of empty fields.  Steven Spielberg has to imagine a finished movie...
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Webonomics – 7 Ways to Make a Living through the Internet

As people spend more time on the web, it also means that money is moving to the web: The webonomy is here to stay. There are literally hundreds of ways to use the web to help you make a living...
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Faith: A Critical Skill for the Entrepreneur

“Faith” is knowing that things work out in the end. If you don’t have “faith” as an entrepreneur you will have a lot of anxiety caused by the uncertainty that your journey will bring. At certain stages of your business...
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How I used LinkedIn to Increase My Salary by 67 %

Is LinkedIn of any use? Is it worth investing a little bit of your time to get to know it better? In this article I describe how I used LinkedIn in 2009 to bump up my salary from $9,000 a...
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Who Are You Outsourcing Your Self-Worth To?

When I was 3 years old, I figured out my self worth from what my parents thought of me. They would tell me if I had been a good boy or a bad boy. When I was 5 and started...
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