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Amir Anzur

Interview – Dave Hilary – Lessons From Starting An Online Estate Agents

Dave Hilary was one of the founders of Upping Sticks, a website which made it easier for people to sell their property online.  In this interview Dave talks about his experiences: – in becoming an “accidental” entrepreneur – how he...
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Is Your Movie Worth Watching?

Sometimes we don’t get what we want and things don’t happen as we imagined them to.  You plan to achieve something.  You put all your heart into it.  And it doesn’t work out. In fact, if you are getting everything...
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Seeing The Beggars As Entrepreneurs

In this short video I describe how beggars are simply entrepreneurs. Just as Coca-Cola and Louis Vuitton sell you products in which you like the emotion, the beggars also sell you a product in which you are buying an emotion....
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Being Lost

Life until a certain age was pretty easy.  You were in elementary school to know you were going to middle school.  Then came high school.  University.  Then a job. If you got on the job track, and were comfortable with...
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Death Of The University. Rebirth Of The Teacher.

Look at most job applications and they will ask for a degree. Bachelors, Masters or PhD. If you don’t have a degree, forget about applying. Imagine applying for a job as a 48 year old. One applicant has an MBA...
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