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Amir Anzur

How I Started In Marketing – High School Student Council

I ran for Student Council when I was 16 years old. I failed badly. This though was my first marketing experience and got me aware and into the world of marketing for life. Video is here in case you can’t...
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Are You Thinking Of Tripping Or Winning?

What do you think the best athletes in the world think about before or during their performance? If you are a sprinter you do not think about tripping and falling over, you think about winning. That gives you the confidence...
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How To Be An Innovator For Life

The world becomes a better place when we improve the way we do things.  As humans, we keep building on each others innovations.  If Thomas Edison hadn’t invented the light bulb, the computer might not have been invented.  Because of...
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The Return On Investment Of Self-Confidence

The biggest investment you can make in life is in building your self-confidence. The more self-confidence you have, the more things you will try and the more things you will achieve. Self-confidence leads you to get your ideas out to...
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Maybe they are right.  Maybe you really can’t make that business a success.  And maybe you won’t be a successful artist/musician/director. Maybe your innovation won’t be used by anyone.  Maybe the website you launch will get no hits.  Maybe you...
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