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Amir Anzur

A World Where We All Listen To Our Parents

One of the first lessons you learn in life is that you should listen to your parents.  They will warn you not to put your hand on the stove.  And at an early age you discovered they were right –...
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The Art Of Being Wrong

30 % of all decisions you make will be wrong.  Like it or not your life is not going to be a story of perfect decision making.  You will make the wrong investments.  Choose the wrong course at university.  Get...
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Getting Over Fear Of “I Told You So”

Starting anything out of the ordinary has the risk of being exposed to “I told you so”.  When you have a new idea there will be many people that will tell you that it will never work.  All of a...
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How To Build A Customized Facebook Page For Your Business

Cool little functionality from Business Insider to enable me to embed their articles in my blog: http://www.businessinsider.com/embed-post. The bloggers wins as we get good content to put on our sites. Business Insider wins, as they get traffic from people like...
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How To Travel Through Time

The world moves at different speeds and if you travel enough you can actually travel through time. As I write this blog post I am sitting in a Costa Coffee shop on Abu Dhabi surrounded by cigarette smokers. I ask...
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