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Amir Anzur

Fake Work

Lets say you want someone to dig a hole for you in your garden.  A normal person would take a shovel and get it done within an hour.  A consultant will use teaspoons to dig.  And get three analysts to...
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Exercising Your Brain Muscles

Cars, pencils and laptops lose value the more you use them. The funny thing about muscles is that the more you use them the better they get. This is also true of your creativity muscles. The more you paint, the...
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Are You Relatively Happy?

There was an experiment done at Harvard University where they offered the graduating students a choice of two salaries.  They could choose to earn $75,000 per year and all their classmates would earn $80,000 a year or they could earn...
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Passportism In Singapore

I just arrived in Singapore and had a 8 hour transit on the way to Sydney.  I was just thinking through how to kill the 8 hours when I see a little “Free Singapore tours” sign.  I asked the lady...
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Inner Game vs Outer Game

You are probably conscious about the outer game that you play continuously throughout your life – but are you also aware of your inner game? The inner game is what differentiates the people at the top level and the sooner...
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