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Amir Anzur

Innovate Don’t Emigrate

20 years ago if you had the choice between being born as an average C student in California or being born a genius in Karachi, many would choose to be born as a C student in California. The C student...
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The Web’s Light and Shadows

Proponents of Internet culture have quite a lot they can reference and point out when discussing the benefits of using the Web at a variety of levels (such as the individual, local, national, international, global levels). Yet the basic point...
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The Background Scenery of Life

Look around you.  Are you in a 5 star hotel?  Or the “ghetto” part of your town?  Are you driving inside a brand new Mercedes?  Or are you inside a beat-up old car? Are you eating in a fancy restaurant...
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Finding Your Own Angels

Along your journey of entrepreneurship you will find your own angels that help you get your business off the ground.  This might be your first customer that gives you a “break” and says “I know your product is untested, but...
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Are you worthy of an award in 2011?

“Give me enough medals, and I will win any war.”  Napoleon Bonaparte, military genius. Napoleon believed that it wasn’t money that incentivated men to fight harder in battles, but simply the honor of winning a medal. Did you ever notice...
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