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Amir Anzur

The Future Of Retail Outlets Is YouTube

When you go to an electronics store such as Best Buy (US), Dixons (UK) or Plug-Ins (Dubai) you meet knowledgeable staff but often times they have a “downtime” when there are not many customers in the store for them to...
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How To Make Someone’s Day

I just got this email: Subject: Love your Getting used to rejection 98 % of the time Posting Message: Hey Amir, this posting is simply amazing! Congrats! Were you inspired by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rational_Emotive_Behavior_Therapy by chance? Best, R This mail took less...
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Getting Used To Rejection 98 % Of The Time

As I get ready to launch another business I start getting fear – the fear of rejection. You see no matter how brave of a face I put on there is still the fear – what happens if this product...
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The Last Password I Will Ever Need

As the number of sites you use continues to grow, so does the number of usernames and passwords you have to remember. I had started keeping a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with all my passwords but this was obviously not secure...
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Why Your Organisation Must Have An Audio Library

So you don’t have enough time to read? An average employee will spend 1 ½  hours a day in their car. That is 1 ½  (hours per day) * 5 (days per week) * 45 (weeks per year) = 337...
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