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Amir Anzur

How To “win” At Chinese Whispers

I had a strategy away day for the organization I worked at.  We played “Chinese” whispers.  The point of the game is that you line up 20 or so people and the first person says a message in the ear...
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Rebrand Pakistan And What I Learned Over The Past Decade

A lecture to Computer Science students of Riphah University, Pakistan on Rebrand Pakistan – why is branding important. Also included what I wish I knew a decade ago as most of them were in their early 20s. Lecture in Rawalpindi...
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Don’t Be First To Market.

Entrepreneurs often think that being first to market is a big advantage as they will corner the market. The fact is that being first to market is a big disadvantage. Being first to market means that you will have a...
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3 Key Takeaways From My MBA

I had the honor of giving the graduation speech on behalf of the MBA class of 2007 for IMD Business School. I would highly recommend anyone to do an MBA from www.imd.ch. It is only one year. Average age is...
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If You Can’t Change It, Make It A Feature

In marketing if you can’t change something you make it a feature. Listerine ‘the taste you hate twice a day’. This can also be your thing – if you really see something that makes you stick out and can be...
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