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Amir Anzur

Just Order It

I read somewhere that the average American reads less than two books a year, while the average CEO reads over 50 books a year. In theory, the average CEO is likely to be much busier than the average American, yet...
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Impress Yourself!

We often do things to impress other people – whether it be parents, members of the opposite sex, siblings or friends. When you begin to do things to impress yourself you will begin to be more in control of your...
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Manage Your Own Brand

One of my professors, Corey Billington (at IMD), gave an interesting tip. Every big celebrity brand has two adjectives that we associate with them (Margaret Thatcher: Iron lady, Bill Clinton: Charismatic Democrat, Paris Hilton: Goodtime partying etc…). We should all...
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Wealth Is not Just About The Money

When I first started writing this book and when I first started my journey I thought it was all about making money. Once I’ve had a chance to reflect I can see what life is actually about is creating wealth....
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Multitasking Is Not The Way Forward

You always hear that the modern manager has to multitask and that this is the way forward. I also used to think this and was one of those people with 10 internet explorer windows open at any one time, with...
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