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Amir Anzur

Take A Guess At What You Really Want

“What do I really want?” is such a difficult question to answer. The fact is that most of us don’t know what we really want. And this target is a moving target anyway. Perhaps you want your own three bedroom...
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Favours Are The New Currency

In the old days people used to trade goods with each other. I might have traded a kilo of carrots for your kilo of potatoes. This meant that I could focus on growing carrots and you could focus on growing...
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Be Enthusiastic. Be Liked.

I’ve read 100’s of books on sales but the two basic things to remember is: Be¬†enthusiastic Be liked Enthusiasm will get you far in life. Enthusiasm is contagious. People love enthusiastic people. The first sale you need to make is...
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Fail Cheaply

It’s a given that a lot of the things you will try will not work. Just remember to always fail as cheaply as possible. Don’t spend years working on an idea and perfecting it before testing it. See if you...
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A Sprinter Will Always Run Faster Than A Decathalete

A great tip I got was that business is about finding your niche and focusing. There are great 100 m sprinters such as Carl Lewis or you can be a decathlete like Deli Thompson but a Deli Thompson is never...
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