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Amir Anzur

Borrow Money From A Pessimist. They Never Expect it Back.

As an entrepreneur you need to look on the optimistic side of life, otherwise you will never get anything started. The fact is that every business has a 1,000 things that can go wrong. Most of these ‘things that can...
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Three Driving Issues of Pakistan

Going to business school can be expensive.  Luckily, business schools such as IMD offer scholarships based on an essay competition.  I was fortunate to win the $28,000 Shell and IMD MBA Alumni Scholarship based on an essay competition. I am...
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Amirology (noun): The history of Amir :). 1977 – Born, Hull, UK 1978 – Islamabad, Pakistan 1979 – Karachi, Pakistan 1984 – Los Angeles, United States 1986 – Brussels, Belgium – International School of Brussels, International Baccalaureate 1995 – Manchester, UK – University...
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Txtfo Wins Innovation Prize

The Oscars, Grammy’s, The Nobel Peace Prize. These are all a way to generate publicity for the celebrities or their causes. When you launch your company you have to do your own PR. The thing I didn’t realize about industry...
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Txtfo & Entrepreneurship Presentation

At the launch party of Txtfo, I gave the following presentation. It talks about Txtfo as well as some lessons from having started a business. Click here to download presentation: Txtfo & Entrepreneurship
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