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Amir Anzur

54th Wind

There is a phenomena in distance running known as the “second wind“.   This is when the runner gets really tired a long way into the race.   She feels that she can’t go on.   And all of a...
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The Simple Formula For Creating Wealth

If you want to win any game, you need to understand the rules of the game first.  If for instance you wanted to win at golf, you would need to know that you can not use your hands to pick up...
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Passion-Best In The World Grid

When you truly join the internet economy you realize that there is an infinite amount of possibilities to sell anything to anyone, anywhere around the world.  When I finally figured out how to sell online I created a number of...
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Youology: The Most Important Subject You Will Ever Study

School teaches us about physics, chemistry and history but one subject we don’t get to focus too much on is ourselves.  I can’t think of a more important subject to learn about in life than myself. Successful companies use tools...
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Narrative structure in video games

Who doesn’t know a video or computer game title? Probably everyone of us had the experience to play a video game at least once in life. Just think about the old Amiga computers with the first Arcade games, the same...
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