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Amir Anzur

Switching Off

A few decades ago life was simpler.  At 6 pm almost everyone you knew in the working world went home from the office.  At 2 am you knew that you couldn’t call anyone as everyone you knew would be asleep....
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What’s The Deal With Pastries And The Lottery?

Have you heard of the Toronto bakery giving away free Powerball tickets for every purchase of at least $20 for the game with massive jackpot prize worth US$1.4 billion? The more than impressive jackpot given south of the border is...
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Start your driving school from your casino winning amount

There are large numbers of driving schools available who use to provide driving training to different people who want to learn driving. They provide trained experts who use to provide excellent training to the new learner. They offer services such...
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What Online Gambling Can Teach Us In Terms Of Marketing

Have you ever tried to pull off a marketing stunt to make your business more known, heard of and talked about? How did that work out for you or what stopped you from doing it? The obsession of attracting new...
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Impulsive Knowledge

  When you visit a grocery store, the payment counter is usually surrounded by chocolates and chewing gum.  The idea being that you are about to spend $50 on your regular grocerry and an additional “impulse” buy of 50 cents...
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