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Amir Anzur

Things That Your Home Insurance Won’t Cover

At some point your house will suffer damages that are not your fault. You may be thinking that insurance will cover the costs since you have been paying premiums for years, but you might be left with a huge disappointment,...
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Poker Skills Improve Through Effective Nutrition

There’s always been a deep relationship between human beings and food. First off, human beings are the only living beings who can select and cook their foods. Moreover, human beings are also the unique beings in the world who can...
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Who Not To Ask “Should I Start My Own Business?”

Ask someone in a nice safe job working for a salary “I have an idea, do you think I should go for it and start my own business?” and the most likely answers you will get: – “You know 9...
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Why Businesses Fail: Greed

Over many years of watching and being in business deals, one of the reasons that people don’t make money over the longer term is greed. One business partner feels they are “doing all the work”.  Or that the deal wasn’t...
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How To Get Rid of Bossitus

A few years ago, I developed a disease called “Bossitus” – I simply did not like having a boss anymore.  It is a rare disease that some people develop early on in their careers.  These people are often known as...
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