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Amir Anzur

Karachi Wasn’t Built In A Day

As an entrepreneur you want things to happen quickly.  Your imagination has already seen the future of what your website/restaurant/movie/business looks like but putting all the steps in motion will take some time.  As you are the boss, you set...
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Critical Financial Term for the Entrepreneur: Burn Rate

  The most important financial term to understand in entrepreneurship is the “burn rate”.  The burn rate is your outgoing expenses every month.  If your web hosting costs are $100 per month, your salaries $15,000 per month and your rent...
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The Tale of Two Haircuts

Recently I went to get my haircut in Islamabad, Pakistan.  I went for a barber that had a simple mirror hung on a tree.  No bricks and mortar.  No fancy showers to wash your hair.  The cost of the haircut...
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Digital Photo Booth Webpreneurette – Zeina Abdalla – Fishfayce.com

Brands can spend a huge budget to organize an event. After the event has been and gone though, the attendees often quickly forget about the brand and move on with their lives. Zeina Abdalla, CEO of Fishfayce.com, helps brands to...
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When They Tell You It Can’t Be Done

Listen to them.  Agree with them. Nod your head.  And thank them for their wise advice. Then go back out there and make it happen anyway. Don’t waste energy and your talent trying to convert the ones that don’t want...
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