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The Webpreneur 101 is the core course that will help you create, build and grow your own business or career.

This is the essential course for anyone wishing to take their internet knowledge to the next level.  The course is structured to give you both a strategic and tactical insight.


Strategic learning will help you decide:


  • What type of business or career should I aim for?
  • Do I want to even do an online business?
  • How can I raise money for my startup/non-profit/personal brand?
  • What should my personal brand be and how do I want people to perceive me?
  • Should I outsource or do things myself?
  • Why am I doing what I am doing?
  • What skills will I need to learn in order to progress in life?

Tactical teaching will help you do things like:

  • How to setup your own website
  • How to market using social media
  • Tools to help you become more productive online
  • How to find the information to keep growing online
  • How to build your confidence so you achieve more


The curriculum was developed by Amir Anzur who has had over 15 years of Internet experience and consulted large companies such as Amazon, Google, Samsung and Xbox.  The course has been formed over 5 years of workshops and teaching people in classrooms ranging from 11 year olds to 72 year olds and living in diverse countries like India, Germany, Kenya, Pakistan, United Kingdom and United States.


You can download his resume, or connect to him on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.


The learning is all online and is designed as a 12 week course with roughly 7 to 10 hours per week in investment. The course is meant to be practical so those that are serious about creating a business may want to invest more time in order to get better results.


The course has been developed after many years of teaching University students how to build and create their careers.




There are no prerequisites for this course but students should have a decent Internet connection to do the course.  If you haven’t read Internetism, than it will come included in the course.



Certificates are given for those that complete all the questions and activities set in the course.  Activities include building a website and uploading videos online.


Certificate with Distinction

Students are strongly encouraged to create a business or figure out a way to earn online.  A certificate with distinction is given to students that earns $1,000 through the internet using the knowledge provided in this course within 12 months of beginning this course.


Who is this for?

–       Students trying to determine what career to get into

–       Adults interested in exploring the possibilities of an online business

–       Beginners to the Internet knowing there is more that the web can offer

–       Executives interested in growing their organization through using the Internet


Course Includes

–       Online access to course for 12 weeks

–       Online access to forums for 12 weeks


Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take me to start earning?

This depends on the level you are at and the skills you already have.  If you have specialized knowledge such as dentistry, have great communication skills as well as the time to invest into trying things and making them happen than it can be a few months.   The more you put in the faster it will happen.
If you are unwilling to try out things online, have little patience or ability to focus and go through the content than it will take you much longer to be successful online.


What is your refund policy?


If for some reason you are not satisfied with the course you can request a full refund within 30 days.


How do I pay for the course?

You can pay through Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union.


Please go through checkout to pay through Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.


For Bank Transfer please submit to:


Account:  Amir Anzur

IBAN:  GB84LOYD30966429093568

Account:  29093568


Sort Code: 30-96-64


For Western Union please submit to:


Amir Anzur

5 Half Moon Street

London, W1J 7AZ

+44 7733003930


For cheques:

To:  Webpreneur Ltd

5 Half Moon Street

London, W1J 7AZ

+44 7733003930

Once payment has been submitted please email and you will get access within 48 hours.


Is there any classroom or face time with the teacher available?

This is only an online course which you will need to go through.


Where is the certificate issued from?

The Webpreneur Academy certificate is issued from Webpreneur Academy, London, United Kingdom.


Will I be able to do the course?


Yes.  Have faith in yourself!  The course has been done by people as young as 11 and as young at heart as 72.  Some people might find it easier to go through than others.  There is a good mix of technical and non-technical information.  The course assumes zero knowledge of internet and builds up from there.


We have found that everybody learns something!


I do not have funds to start?

You can apply for a student loan by emailing  Ideally we would like three monthly payments of $200 but if you can not commit to that even, than please email support of what you can pay and we should be able to arrange a student loan which you pay back once you generate the income.


What is a Webpreneur?


A Webpreneur is someone that uses the Internet to improve people’s lives.

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