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What’s The Deal With Pastries And The Lottery?

Have you heard of the Toronto bakery giving away free Powerball tickets for every purchase of at least $20 for the game with massive jackpot prize worth US$1.4 billion? The more than impressive jackpot given south of the border is most likely the biggest lottery jackpot ever to be promoted anywhere on the planet. So it’s not hard to guess that the respective bakery did an excellent job at managing to empty all of its shelves in the day of the big game. The big catch was that Canadians could not buy tickets for the game in their own country, but they were allowed to make purchases for multi-state lottery game. And while lottery sites do exist online, not everyone is willing to give them a try, afraid they will be subject to a scam. Instead, they focused on trying to get tickets by themselves, in person, and the smart bakery approach was of of the mediums. But first…

Why Are People Reticent To Online Lottery Sites?

Because chances are they have never tried such a site in their life, and they are not sure what to expect. So they choose to convince themselves nothing good could come out of it and avoid using them altogether. Better to be safe than sorry – the saying seems to be extremely catchy when it comes to wagering money online. Nevertheless, lottery websites have been around for a few years now, so they are not exactly the freshest thing around everyone should be scared of or careful about. Sure con artists will continue to exist in all fields and industries, shapes and sizes, and the internet is a fantastic breeding place for them. But this does not mean we all need to adopt “stick-your-head-in-the-ground-and-hope-for-the-best attitude either.

Take A Stand!

There are times when making a stand and setting foot into the future simply means trying out a new lottery site online. It’s done in less than 5 minutes and won’t cost more than the price of a regular ticket – maybe less than that if the you find discounts like the ones on the Lottery Master site. You can check past results here https://www.lotterymaster.com/powerball-results, see if you can find inspiration fro the upcoming draw, or see which numbers are more prone to come up. Opt for a site that can buy tickets on behalf of you and take advantage of subscription discounts and multi-draw savings. You might soon grow into lobing to play the lottery online than you do in real life – it’s more convenient and comfortable, can be done from home or any remote location without having to reach a store or gas stations selling tickets, and can be done 24/7 without the risk of losing a draw because you were too late and couldn’t get a ticket.

Bakeries that decide to adopt this excellent marketing will benefit from long lineups starting at the early hours of the morning and keep on having a steady flow of customers from that day on. Bakeries will offer customers the chance to buy physical tiekcts, and not the so-called second-hand tickets that online sites offer. The truth is these are not second-hand tickets that are sod online, but rather the original tickets bought, marked with customer numbers, and scanned for the customer to have and use until the day of the next draw. In case of a win, players will receive the original tickets and their online accounts will be credited with the amount they have won, or they will receive further instructions on how to claim their big prize.

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