10 Reasons Why Facebook Is Better Than The Real World

1. Chances of catching the swine flu from facebook are minimal – have a good anti-virus software installed on your computer and you are pretty much safe from catching anything!

2. In the real world receiving pokes can get annoying very quickly. On facebook a poke is just a friends way of showing you they care.

3. In the real world the media decides who is famous and who is not. On facebook you decide on who is worth following and who is not.

4. In the real world politicians tell you who you can friend and who you can not visit. On facebook you can friend anyone no matter what nationality or religion. No borders. No customs officers. No visa issues. No passportism.

5. In the real world it could take you weeks of questioning to ultimately find out someone you met is really cool/weird. Facebook speeds up the “getting to know you” process by letting you quickly judge the weirdness level of your new found friends from their wall posts and pictures.

6. Keeping up with friends in the real world requires time so you are usually limited to 150 or so friends that you can keep up with. Online friends are easier to make and keep up with – so having thousands of friends on facebook is no big deal. Thousands of friends in the real world usually means you don’t have a day job.

7. In the real world your status is determined by what watch you wear and the car you drive. On facebook it’s a simple sentence and you can put anything you want – no need to take a massive hit on your credit card.

8. The real world lets people see you whether you are having a good or bad hair day. On facebook you can control which pictures of you the world gets to see.

9. “Defriending” people on facebook can be done with a few clicks. In the real world defriending a work colleague or family member is not so simple.

10. Facebook allows you to “sign out” anytime you want. “Signing out” in the middle of a boring meeting with the boss is not usually an option in the real world.

This article appeared in today’s edition of The Gulf News.  Check out Friday 22 Jan edition page 15.  The editorial team made some changes to it – but obviously as a writer, I wanted to give you the “better”/original version.  I have scanned from the newspaper below (copyright of Gulf News):

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