A Team For You


Once you have a strategy in place, having the right team to execute on it will help turn your imagination to reality much faster than trying to do everything yourself.


You can hire our team of digital experts whom we hire, train and manage to turn your imagination to reality.


We hire a team of five to work with you full-time.  They are there to take your vision and make it happen faster than you can yourself.  You don’t need to short-list or spend the time to hire or the effort in managing them.  We can manage all this for you so you only focus on the vision.


This team will either grow your personal, business or software business. For instance, if you  want to bring an app to market we will hire more developers and if you want to bring your personal brand to market we will hire more video editors.  Whatever your needs, you will have a team of five who are incentivized to help you become a success financially, status and influence-wise.


Video editors, graphic designers, developers, content writers, social media managers, SEO specialists – whatever we think you need, we will provide in this team of 5 for you.  Their only job will be to work on your digital brand.


For less than what it would cost you to hire one person we provide a team of five which we hire, train and manage.


The investment is USD 15,000 per quarter or USD 45,000 per year.  


Call or message me directly on +447733003930 to get started or book a time in my calendar to discuss or

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