A World Where We All Listen To Our Parents

One of the first lessons you learn in life is that you should listen to your parents.  They will warn you not to put your hand on the stove.  And at an early age you discovered they were right – you shouldn’t have put your hand on the stove.

But should we really listen to everything our parent tell us to do?  People as they get older tend to get more conservative – they have tried out things in life and a lot didn’t work out, so when you come up with your enthusiasm for a new business or an new idea – their experience in life will tell you that you shouldn’t go for it.  Play it safe.  It probably won’t work out will be the advice.

Evil Knievel
Evil Knievel: If he listened to his parents, we would have no daredevils.

Do you think Evil Knievel would have jumped all those cars on his motorbike if he listened to his parents?  Wouldn’t Hulk Hogan’s parents have advised him to become a doctor or an engineer rather than a wrestler for the WWF?  How many great rock bands would not have been formed if kids listened to  their parents?

If you were at Harvard University and you told your parents that you wanted to drop out in order to pursue an idea you had – what do you think they would recommend?

It’s a good thing that Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Mark Zuckerberg (facebook) didn’t listen to their parents as they both dropped  out in order to pursue their dreams.  Michael Dell also dropped out of university.

If you want to lead the life that your parents are leading – I’m guessing a nice 40 year stable career with the same company – than yes by all means do listen to your parents.

But if you want to do something great – something that hasn’t been done before.  Something that people will call you crazy to even attempt.  Than perhaps the world is better off if you don’t always listen to your parents.

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