Earn 20 % for the life of a client!

Would you like to help people while earning an income for yourself?

AmirAnzur.com offers an incredibly generous affiliate program that enables people like you to make an income.

You simply sign up as an affiliate for free.  You will get an affiliate code which you add to any podcast, blog post or book that you share with your followers.  

If anyone ends up signing up for any of the teaching, strategy, events or services, you make 20 % of what they spend for the life of the client.

This means that you can add value to your followers by sending them relevant educational content which will help them in their life and a small percentage of the followers that become clients will end up paying you 20 % of whatever we earn from them.

Sign up to get up 20% of any sales you help us make:

How it works

  1. Register for FREE.  Pick a username that will be embedded into your links (e.g. “JohnSmith” as your affiliate username).
  2. Use the referral link to link to this website e.g. www.amiranzur.com?a=JohnSmith or let people know if they use your affiliate code (e.g. “JohnSmith”) at checkout they will get a 5 % discount.  The link automatically adds the 5 % coupon.  If they come direct to the site, they do not get the discount.
  3. If someone buys a service, you get the tier 1 commission. 
  4. You get paid 90 days after we get paid, provided the client does not request a refund.
  5. If someone becomes an affiliate using your link, they become a tier 1 affiliate, and you are their tier 2 affiliate.  So, if they bring in a sale, they make tier 1 commissions, and you make tier 2 commissions.

Client Investment

Tier 1 Affiliate

(20 %)

Tier 2 Affiliate

(5 %)

USD 10


USD 0.5

USD 100

USD 20


USD 1,000

USD 200

USD 50

USD 10,000

USD 2,000

USD 500

USD 100,000

USD 20,000

USD 5,000

USD 1,000,000

USD 200,000

USD 50,000

Affiliate Commision

  • For the initial sale you will make 20 % tier 1 affiliate commissions and 5 % tier 2 affiliate commissions.
  • You make commissions on all sales for the life of the client. This means that if you invest your time now to get a client, you are earning a passive income for life.  For example, if the client buys a one-off coaching session for USD 1,000, you will get 20 % or USD 200 commission. If they then upgrade to a different program six months after joining, you still make 20 % of whatever they spend.
  • We are more generous with our commissions now then we might be in the future – for instance, we might give only first-year affiliate commissions rather than the life of the client.  This is because as we get better known we can reduce commissions.  

How to promote

The easiest way to promote is if you have relationships with people who can afford the teaching, coaching, events or services we are selling.  

The reason we are generous with our commissions is that you have a relationship with people and that is your asset.  We want you to make money through that asset.  Just by referring us we are much more likely to signup a client then if we approach them ourselves directly.

Our clients see working with us to build their brand as an investment.  You can promote in a non-spammy way by letting them know for instance, that they can download a copy of my book “Youism – How to Sell More Through Your Personal Brand” for free.  A few of the people that download the free book will end up buying from us, and you will get credit for the sale.

  • Learn

The first thing you should do is learn about our products and services.  If you can see how we help people, it will help you in promoting us.  

  • Be Creative!

You know your audience best.  Be creative in promoting us.

  • Podcasts

You can be a guest on the “Great Minds with Amir Amir” Podcast.  We will then give you a link like www.amiranzur.com/TonyJamous  which will have your interview with Amir Anzur.  Simply sign up as an affiliate and then send your followers to the link www.amiranzur.com/TonyJamous?a=JohnSmith where “JohnSmith” is your affiliate link.  So you are simply sending your followers to your own podcast interview, and some of them may convert to our clients, and you get paid.

Alternatively invite Amir Anzur to your podcast and send the link www.amiranzur.com?a=YourLink so that you get credit for any sale you promote Amir Anzur to.

You can also appear on other people’s podcasts and mention Amir Anzur as your teacher and to download a free book “Youism” from this website.  Send them your link such as www.amiranzur.com/books?a=JohnSmith.

  • Speaking and Events

Amir Anzur will bring a lot of energy and unique knowledge to your event.  Simply ask him to be a speaker at your event, and you can make commissions.  There is no hard sale – the audience simply receives a copy of Amir’s book and you make a commission for anyone who buys the coaching services.  

  • Status Updates for LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp

Post a message on your social media such as:

Just read “Youism – How to Sell More Through Your Personal Brand” by Amir Anzur.  Fascinating book available for free at www.amiranzur.com/books?a=YourAffiliateLink

If anyone buys you, make a commission.  Just as long as we can track that a client came from you, we will pay you a commission. You could also give the client incentives such as giving them free training from you or a discount if they buy through your link.  We sell high end services so you could make upto USD 200,000 on a single sale.

Physical retailers are promoting Amir Anzur to increase their sales

Give out flyers and make money!

1. Download and print this A5 flyer.

2. Add your coupon code.

3. Give out the flyer

4. Make money from any sales you generate!

Group 33

1. Sign up for FREE

  • Join the Amir Anzur Affiliate Program for FREE at the top of this page
Group 34

2. Recommend

  • Share our products, services, or free content with your audience, adding your affiliate link
  • Earn commissions for every new client you refer to us
Group 32

3. Earn

  • The affiliate program offers two tiers of commissions
  • Up to 20% in tier 1 commissions for direct referrals
  • 5% in tier 2 commissions for referring influencers
  • Make up to USD 200,000 per sale

Need help?

Sign up for our Affiliate Program and receive a unique link. For instance, a link for the affiliate “JohnSmith” might look like www.amiranzur.com?a=JohnSmith.  You can link to any page on the Amir Anzur website by simply appending “?a=JohnSmith”.  For instance, www.amiranzur.com/books?a=JohnSmith. 

Promote this link to your audience and it will leave a cookie on their browser.  If they come back at any stage and buy, the link will automatically add your coupon “JohnSmith” at checkout and give them 5 % discount.  This then lets us know that “JohnSmith” is the affiliate and we can give a 20 % affiliate commission. 

Instead of the referral link you can also tell your followers to simply add “JohnSmith” as a coupon on check out and they get a 5 % discount. 

Anyone that uses your coupon code or affiliate link we track to you and ensure you get the credit for the sale.

Some services have a money-back-guarantee so as long as refunds are not requested we pay you 90 days after we get paid.

We want to pay as many affiliates as possible so that more people promote our website.

This program is open to bloggers, publishers, and content creators with a qualifying website or mobile app. While the majority of individuals are eligible to participate, we do not accept adult or gambling sites, among other restricted categories.

You don’t even have to have a website or social media – simply by telling someone about it on the phone or in person can get you affiliate commission.

As an affiliate, promoting our products to your following, such as a podcast or blog, can earn you commissions.

  •   Inviting Amir Anzur as a guest or promoting his content to your audience can lead to sales.
  •   Even without a following, you can earn commissions by convincing influencers to join our program.
  •   Be creative on how you promote this program

·        We value our partnerships with affiliates and offer various opportunities to earn commissions.

Each product or service available for purchase on our website has the potential to generate an affiliate commission for you, which will be paid via PayPal or bank transfer.

You can earn 20 % for tier 1 commissions and 5 % for tier 2 commissions.  

For instance, if a client spends USD 1,000 on this website and you are tier 1 affiliate you will make USD 200 (20 %).

You might not have a large following but you might know influencers or affiliates that can benefit from this program.

Simply by recruiting them you earn 5 % of the spend. So if client spends USD 1,000 and tier 1 affiliate makes 20 % (USD 200) and you make tier 2 commissions of 5 % (USD 50).

Remember the client is not paying any extra by going through an affiliate.

Registration for this programme is free of charge, and you can easily sign up by accessing the signup page at the top of this page.

We also offer an Affiliates WhatsApp Group, where you can join and receive support or have any questions addressed.

You may access the group through the following link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/JMh1OUhAxKyEbkaJs3KxBH

Affiliate Testimonials

You are unique in the way you can earn money with Amir Anzur.  You earn what you put in!

“My TikTok channel was blowing up and I did not know how to monetize it.  Collaborating with Amir Anzur on his programs gave me a revenue stream.”

Reynalyn P


“Having Amir Anzur speak at one of our Cafe’s author events not only brought in great value to our clients but also gave us additional revenue from our shop.”

John Richards

Cafe Shop Owner

“I drive people all day and make interesting conversations. Having Amir Anzur’s books in my car means I have something to up sell my clients and not only make an extra USD 5 selling the books in my car but if anyone buys a program I can easily double my Uber income for the month in a single night.”

Aziz Khan

Uber Driver

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