Exploring Pakistan's Startup Ecosystem

In this conversation, Amir Anzur talked with  Ahmed Khan, discussing his impressive entrepreneurial journey in the Pakistani startup ecosystem. Before venturing into startups, Ahmed’s background spans computer science, textile manufacturing, and strategy consulting at McKinsey. He highlights his pivotal moment with the entry of Rocket Internet in Pakistan, leading to Daraz, now owned by Alibaba Group, and the birth of his company, Cheetay, focused on rapid deliveries.

The discussion delves into the challenges faced in Pakistan’s e-commerce sector, emphasizing logistics and payments. Ahmed explains the concept of Cheetay and its city-by-city launch strategy, focusing on quick commerce with short delivery times.

Amir Anzur and Ahmed explore the unique characteristics of Pakistan’s market, including price sensitivity and the transition to digital wallets from cash-based transactions. They discuss the reasons behind the reluctance to adopt digital payments, primarily tax evasion concerns, and highlight the convenience of digital wallets.

The conversation offers insights into Ahmed’s entrepreneurial journey, the startup landscape in Pakistan, and the evolving digital payment landscape. They touch on government intervention, consistent policies, unit economics, target customer segments, and fundraising strategies, shedding light on the untapped opportunities in Pakistan’s evolving business landscape.


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