Are You A Seeder Or A Leech?

In the world of bit torrents you have what are known as “seeders” – the people that upload files for everyone else to download from their PC – and “leechers” – the people that download the uploaded files.

Without the seeders, the bit torrents world would be worthless.  The system needs as many seeders as possible and seeders are always welcomed by the community.  The leechers though suck up your bandwidth.  Too many leechers on a seeded file and the download rate slows down.

The world is full of seeders and leechers.  The seeders go to Wikipedia and add articles and knowledge for the world to consume.  No real reward other than an altruistic award.  There are the people that will buy the round of coffees for their friends, expecting nothing in return.  Or give free advice and introductions to help out the community.

The leechers though are constantly looking for what they can get from other people.  What is in it for them?  They might help you out, if they know they can get something in return from you.  They are only keen on referrals for your business, if they know they will get a referral back or a commission.

If you are a seeder, any community will welcome you.  The seeders know that “giving for givings sake” helps communities.  Leechers think that in this world we all have to look out for number one.
Which one are you?


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Amir Anzur


  1. David Marballs

    If I tell you what will you give me?

    1. I will give you a tube of condensed milk.

      1. Jun

        What are you talking about???

        1. Just a little rant on a blog 🙂

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