Are You Thinking Of Tripping Or Winning?

What do you think the best athletes in the world think about before or during their performance?

If you are a sprinter you do not think about tripping and falling over, you think about winning. That gives you the confidence to go out and make your thoughts a reality.

Do you think Lance Armstrong thought about crashing his bike during the Tour de France or of cruising ahead of the pack of bikes?

Do you think Tiger Woods thinks about hitting his golf ball in the rough or on to the green?

When Pele went up to take a penalty kick did he think that he would mis-kick the ball or hit it as hard as he could into the corner of the goal.

When Michael Jordan took the game winning shots did he picture shooting an air ball or getting nothing but net?

Did Muhammed Ali think about being punched in the face or did he think he was the greatest?

If you are an entrepreneur launching a product should you picture your product being loved or having to give customer refunds? If you are going for a job interview, do you picture the interviewer being impressed with you or being bored with you? About to ask someone out on a date, do you think they will be be happy you asked or slap you?

At your engagement party are you thinking about divorce or living happily ever after? Is your blog post going to make peoples day or are they going to ‘unsubscribe’ to your email list?

Tiger Woods has hit balls out in the rough. Michael Jordan has shot air balls. Pele missed goals that should have been easy to score. Muhammed Ali has taken punches to his face.

The greatest also trip. But that is not where they focus their thoughts most of the time.

You might not be a world class athlete – but you can be world class at what you do.

Why think about tripping when you could focus on winning?

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Amir Anzur


  1. Nice one Amir,

    You’re on the spot as always.

    Keep it up

  2. Hey Amir, what’s up ? long time no see,..

    I’ve been following your website for a while and found it interesting. my parents and i have a real estate company in Antwerp. That’s what i ve been doing for the past 8 years. I was wondering about the evolution of internet in real estate, with facebook and twitter. What is your idea about it ? do you have some suggestions to improve the business ? Maybe compared to international real estate companies. As you can read my english is a bit rusty. Hope you’re well, take care.

    1. amiranzur

      Hey Sid,

      sure there is many ideas of how you could use the web for selling real estate in Antwerp. You could write an ebook – something like “28 things you must know before selling property in Antwerp”. Then take out facebook ads and target people with Antwerp in their keywords and based in Belgium. Aim for people over 30 (or whatever your target niche sellers are). Then advertise that people can get a “FREE ebook”. Ask for their email address – use to build your list.

      Then when someone gets the ebook offer them good value content that helps them think about selling their home. Obviously offer your services to help them sell. This will generate homes for you.

      In terms of selling you can upload every house you have and generate a video for it. You simply can take the photos and put together some music and upload. Use a site like which will send it to multiple video sites. This will also generate more traffic for your site.

      Then after you sell a home for someone than get them on your subscriber list so that you periodically send them really good and useful information such as how to deal with the legal side of having bought a home, or how to keep it maintained. Then also offer $200 or something good that if they refer you to another client and you end up selling their home they make something – a good referral system.

      Anyway just some thoughts and ideas!

      The web is about EXPERIMENTATION – You have to try a lot and spend a lot of time with different techniques and it will work for you. Thanks for following my site and as you will see I am also eperimenting with loads of different techniques – some will work better than others.

      Good luck!


    2. I think you’ve just cauptred the answer perfectly

  3. Hey Amir ..i found myself here again a..and this tips might just work for my field too as before i finally unleash my DNA…and become free …thnks ..good piece of information.

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