Are you worthy of an award in 2011?

“Give me enough medals, and I will win any war.” 

Napoleon Bonaparte, military genius.

Napoleon believed that it wasn’t money that incentivated men to fight harder in battles, but simply the honor of winning a medal.
Did you ever notice that all the winners of the Oscar’s lived around Los Angeles?  The Oscars were a self-serving way to promote and grow the movie industry. In that same regard, we have the first annual “Webpreneur Academy” Awards.
These awards are primarily put in place to promote our own students, friends as well as great products and services in the field of education, entrepreneurship, innovation and internet.
If you feel that you or your company (or that of a friend) deserves some recognition, and a bit of extra press than please do nominate them
The awards ceremony is free to attend (6 PM to 8 PM on Friday 23, Dec at Block 1, Knowledge Village, Dubai), you must register first though:
The faculty and students of Webpreneur Academy will determine the winner for each category.
The prize?  Recognition and PR in the Middle Eastern media and the bragging rights to being the best that 2011 had to offer.  Remember you saying “you are the best” is often not as powerful as an external party saying you are the best.
This is the first year we are running the awards and probably a little easier to win than the tougher competition you will have in 2012.
You are also welcome to join the Webpreneur Weekend Camp learning how to win in the internet economy which takes place during the day (10 Am to 6 PM on Friday 23 Dec):
Part of my duty as the Dean of Webpreneur Academy is to promote my students so that they become more successful.  The reason your business is probably not doing as well as it could, is that you don’t have a team doing the PR for you like facebook/twitter/groupon and all the other billion dollar companies based in the United States do.  Joining the Webpreneur family will give you more exposure!
Here is the program for Friday 23, Dec 2011 – Block 1, Knowledge Village, Dubai:
             Webpreneur Weekend 10 am to 6 pm
I teach during the day about how you can use the internet to kick start your business.  This is powerful content that has taken me over 18 months to develop and will save you years of work and doing things the longer/expensive way.  You can register for the training here:
If finances aren’t too healthy at the moment, we are now offering interest free student loans, so money should not be the thing stopping you from attending!
             Webpreneur Academy Awards 6 pm to 8 pm

This event is to help promote regional businesses and startups.  It is free to nominate anyone and we will give as much exposure to the nominees and winners as possible through media.  The award ceremony is free to attend and nominees can be from anywhere in the world.  More info at:

I hope that either I see you for the Webpreneur Weekend Camp on Friday morning in which you will learn some truly advanced methods of marketing and branding in the internet economy or I see you at the award ceremony in the evening.
Questions/Concerns just call me on +971 55 394 9094 and please do pass this on to any friends that might benefit!
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  1. hey what is your fb page

  2. Great idea Jeremy!I now from my own experience that there is prttey much no better way to generate publicity, gain instant credibility and generate long term useful contacts within an industry than organizing a process like this and granting awards.I’m just really happy that your new idea had a lot more substance that some of your more recent activities. Not that they were not good in achieving their purpose, but selling yourself on eBay is a lot different to contributing to the business blogging community like this.Good luck with it, one thing I know is that you’ll be busier than you can even imagine.

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