Become a Cedar: Adding Value to Your World

Imagine a digital world where music was shared illegally through something called Bittorrents. There were two types of people in this world: Cedars and Leechers. Think of Cedars as hosts with the music you wanted and Leechers as people who tried to download that music for free.


Let’s bring this idea to our real lives, like a big stage. Just like Cedars shared music and Leechers took it, we have a similar choice in life. We can either add value to others and the world or bring it without giving much back.


It’s like planting seeds of goodness when we add value – by helping, sharing, and improving things. These seeds grow into a better world for everyone. And guess what? As this world improves, we also get rewarded not just with money but with a sense of accomplishment and happiness.


So, remember the Cedars and Leechers. Be a Cedar in life, adding value and making the world better. As you do, you’ll find that you’re helping others and yourself in the process.

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