Before You Can Win the Game, Learn the Rules

In order to win any game, you need to learn the rules of the game first. If you want to win at football, you need to know that you can’t use your hands. If you want to win at basketball, than knowing that you can’t use your feet will help you win.

In order to “win” in investment banking, you need to deliver a bigger return on investment than anyone else. In order to “win” as a real estate broker you need to sell more houses. In order to “win” in your non-profit that helps the homeless, you need to help more homeless people off the street.

The Rules of Your Life

In order to “win” the game of your own life, you need to determine what your own rules are.

Do you win by having a million dollars in your bank? Or when you own a BMW? Do you win by helping a million people out of poverty? Or do you win when your family is happy? Do you win when your weight is 75 kilos? Or when you feel great? Do you win when you get married? Or do you win when you fall in love?

The fewer rules you set for yourself the more happy you are likely to be. I will be happy when I have X amount in bank, end up with Y person AND my kids achieve “A” grades is setting yourself up for a life of chasing.  An “OR” statement will make it easier for you to win.

You won’t win your game of life unless you determine what a “win” looks like for you.  Most people don’t have fulfillment or a reason to be happy as they never define what the rules are for them to be happy.

For me, for instance, I am “winning” my game of life when I have creative freedom to do what I want when I want.  That means I am just as happy driving a Toyota Yaris or a Lamborghini.  I am just as happy to live in a small studio apartment as a mansion as long as I can decide what my day looks like rather than someone else deciding my “to do” list for me.  I would gladly give up the mansion, Lamborghini, Rolex or any other status symbol in order to know that when I wake up, I wake up as a free man.

The Game of the Internet

So you want to make money through the internet?  The rules of the internet are also simple.  The rules are the more helpful you can be to more people, the more money you will make. Google helps more people than most other websites so the founders are billionaires. Same for the founders of Facebook and eBay. As these sites help the most people, the creators make the most money.

Once you start understanding these basic rules – life becomes easier.  You don’t simply go creating ebooks or go through other “get rich schemes”.  You figure out if the product/service you have to offer actually helps people – if it doesn’t, than chances are you won’t become rich.  If it is something that you know people love, than the world will reward you with an income for yourself.

So now that you understand the rules, are you ready to play the game?

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Amir Anzur

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  1. lol!!! That battle-er-game gets payled in our house too! It is very similar to “who will pick up those dirty socks off the floor that missed the invisible laundry hamper”. That game is lots of fun too!

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