Being Lost

Life until a certain age was pretty easy.  You were in elementary school to know you were going to middle school.  Then came high school.  University.  Then a job.

If you got on the job track, and were comfortable with it, it was easy to predict your future.  Just look at your boss or someone who had joined your company 5 years ahead of you.  That is where you will be in 5 years time.

Going down the entrepreneurial road though is different.  The future is less predictable.  No two entrepreneurs have taken the same road.  Steve Job’s journey was completely different from Bill Gates.  Your road will also lead you down many paths.

Every entrepreneur thinks they know exactly what the future will be like.  You create a product, people love it.  You make more products.  People love them.  And you keep going.

But occasionally, you will feel lost.  In a world of so many choices, which one do you take?  Which city do you move to?  Which opportunity do you chase?  Which client do you go after?  Which employee should you hire?

There are no right decisions in entrepreneurship.  The good news is that there are no wrong decisions either.

The only way you know that you will remain lost, is if you keep standing still.  Moving in a direction, any direction, will lead you to slowly move from the black, to the gray and eventually to a feeling of “knowing where you are and where you are going” again.  But you will eventually simply take another route, and the journey will begin again.

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