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Build a personal brand that reflects your unique ness.

Your personal brand can not only help you change the world but it can also help you create wealth too.

Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were all able to bring big change to societies using the power of their personal brands.

Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk were able to generate billions for their companies because of their personal brand.

A great personal brand will set up many opportunities for you and even help you find your life partner.

Written by who has learned powerful lessons by working with global brands such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and the Government of Dubai. As well as many politicians and entrepreneurs building out their companies. is a big believer that we can learn from the world of religion, corporations and successful people to apply the lessons to our own lives. In this short book, he teaches digital and offline strategies for creating powerful personal brands.


The Study of Wealth Creation

History, geography, and biology are taught in school but has anyone ever taught you about wealth creation?

Shouldn’t the ability to create wealth in your life be a
mandatory subject, so you don’t need to struggle with money?

So much anxiety, stress and other mental health issues arise around money. Yet so few people take the time to learn what it is.

Written in an easy-to-read format, this book will teach you how you can accelerate your wealth creation journey and help you tackle an essential aspect of your life. committed to his wealth creation journey in 1999 and, for over two decades, learned from his own mistakes and several millionaires and a few billionaires. In addition, he has taught thousands worldwide how to create and appreciate wealth.

Mental Wealth

You actually have everything you need to be happy

You actually have everything you need to be happy – you don’t even need to read this book.

Single, broke, wrong career, overweight, dysfunctional family and a host of other “problems” that if only you could solve will “fix” you and be happy?

What is the story you are telling yourself: that magical place that you will arrive to in order to get your “happily ever after”.

There were a lot less stimulus to our mental brain 200 years ago.
A lot less happening. You picked a career and stuck at it for longer. You stuck it out with your relationship longer. You lived a shorter life. There was less fast-food to consume so you didn’t
gain as much weight.

Written by, a 46-year-old who has done years of therapy and years of soul-searching to come to the conclusion that you can choose to be happy where and when you are.

Affiliate Marketing

How to Get Started Earning Online Through Affiliate Marketing

One of the quickest ways to make your first USD 1,000 online is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when companies pay you on marketing their products and services through a success-based model. You don’t help them sell, you make nothing. You help them sell, you can earn an infinite amount.

You don’t need to polish up your resume or go through a job interview – affiliate marketing is open to anyone willing to put in the time to learn the skills and help market products and

This short book will give you enough of an insight to help you get started selling for other people to raise your income.


Amir Anzur made his first USD 1,000 as an affiliate marketer for in 1999 and has been addicted to the Internet since. Affiliate marketing is a great way to learn about sales and marketing and grow your self-confidence and wealth.


Why Americans Earn 53 Times More Than Pakistanis and How to Change That

An average Pakistani makes USD 1,200 a year. An average global citizen USD 11,000, an average Brit makes USD 41,000, while an average American makes USD 63,000 per year. Have you ever thought about why there is such a difference in wealth across the world?

Written by a passionate entrepreneurial British-Pakistani who had the privilege of travelling the world and working with and advising many of the worlds wealthiest, this book offers key insights of why Americans earns 53 times more than Pakistanis.

This book has the potential to 10 x a countries earning power within a decade and explains poverty and wealth like never before. is an internet entrepreneur whose clients include Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Samsung as well as the governments of Pakistan, UAE, UK and US. Over the past 25 years, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses and become successful online in countries like Pakistan, US, UK, UAE, Kenya and Philippines.


How to Create Wealth in the Internet Economy


Education, employment, media, retail, relationships, politics, religion and almost every industry and aspect of life has been impacted by the Internet.

Internetism is simply to strengthen your belief that the
Internet will make the world a better place for you, your family, your community and for everyone. A book that teaches you the basics of the Internet and how to create wealth through the Internet.

This book is essential reading for those that would like to accelerate their journey online. is an internet entrepreneur whose clients include Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Samsung as well as the governments of Pakistan, UAE, UK, and US.

He made his first USD 1,000 online in 1999 and has been hooked ever since on its potential to improve people’s lives. Since then he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their businesses and become successful online.

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