Personal Brand Management

How many car company CEO’s do you know the name besides Elon Musk of Tesla? It is no coincidence that the richest person in the world also has a strong personal brand that he promotes simply through X (formerly Twitter). 

Bill Gates had many doors open for him as he is a personal brand. Steve Jobs created a legend around him which promoted the brand of Apple. 

If you notice on platforms like LinkedIn, you follow more people than companies. An average person spends 2.5 hours on social media per day, so wouldn’t it be great if some of that attention went towards you or your products and services? 

Business happens once trust is established, and we use the Internet to scale up your trust. 

Our personal brand management service gives you a team of two highly motivated, well-trained imagineers who will work to build up your personal brand. 

They can help you with things like establishing your podcast so you can connect to influential people in your industry or niche.   

They will build and maintain your website so you have a personal landing space which isn’t reliant on other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram – it can be dangerous to build your house on borrowed land as these platforms can ban or restrict you at any time. 

Typically, with your personal brand management team, you will get: 

  • A website which sells
  • Social media branding for platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc 
  • Content to feed into your platforms 
  • Management of your social media 

Your team will effectively create a clone of you on the Internet, able to reach 5 billion customers.   

You need to commit to a minimum of three months for our team to show results, and we are sure you will stay with us for the longer term. 

3 Months 

12 Months

USD 15,000

USD 45,000

Personal Brand Management
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