I Love Therapy

I Love Therapy There is something special about paying someone to help you become a better person. To know that you can’t figure out everything yourself and there is a therapist that is there to help you figure you out. Sometimes I go through dark periods of my life and might not see a therapist […]

Suffering is optional

Suffering is optional. When you go after a creative or startup venture there will be a lot of uncertainty. Will anyone buy this thing I have spent months or years building? Have I just wasted months and years of my life? It’s important to note that the suffering is optional. You can go through the […]

Brands based on religions will struggle to dominate globally

Brands based on religions will struggle to dominate globally No successful global brand is based on religion. Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Google, USA, Toyota, BMW, Tesla, IBM, Microsoft – no major global brand is associated with a religion. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg might be Jewish but if he tried to push the Jewish religion through Facebook the market […]

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn. Don’t let the temporary setback send you in a pit of depression. If every movie had a bank robbery that went smoothly end to end and the robber lived happily every after the movies would be too short and boring. If boy met girl and they fell in love […]

Clean your own room.

Clean your own room. Sometimes you get bad days. Days you don’t feel like working or doing anything. The self-doubt creeps in or you feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to do. Use these days to first clean your room or your workspace. As that is something that doesn’t require a lot of […]

The Superpower

The Superpower I used to dream about the superpower to only need one hour’s sleep. Imagine what you could do if you could do things for 23 hours per day. All the things I could learn. The projects I could execute. The friends I could meet.    I have since realized that if I only […]

How Being a Good Partyer Helped Me In Life

How Being a Good Partyer Helped Me In Life In my teenage years and my 20s I was one of those guys that was the last to leave the club. I used to love meeting people and having a laugh and waiting for the bouncers to clear out the club.    I didn’t think much […]

Right Idea. Wrong Market.

Right Idea. Wrong Market. In 2009, I got excited about the online coaching market. I really thought that in the next decade, there was going to be an explosion of coaching and online education.    As I was originally from Pakistan, I thought that this change would really help a developing country out of poverty. […]

The ROI On Experience

The ROI On Experience I just wrote a great post on LinkedIn. It took me about 30 minutes to compose and it was what I thought was a masterpiece. Before I hit submit, though, I did something to escape my status update and lost 30 minutes of work. LinkedIn didn’t save my work and deleted […]

Getting Used To Rejection 98 % Of The Time.

Getting Used To Rejection 98 % Of The Time. In marketing, if you have a 2 % conversion this is considered really good in most industries. That means 98% of the people are rejecting you.    In life, if you want to get further, learn to keep going despite the rejections because rejections are an […]

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