Our marketing strategy is to let people like you promote the brand and make a commission while doing it.

You will not only help create jobs in a developing country like Pakistan, but you will also get financially rewarded for your work, as the website pays 20 % affiliate commissions for every new client you help us get.

Simply create your creative videos, and if anyone comes through and signs up, you make an income.

The first thing to do is understand what we sell by studying the website. Then, get creative and start marketing.

Are you an aspiring creative? Help us promote and make money through doing it. 


Create creative ads for YouTube or Facebook, etc, that market travel to Pakistan, for instance. Not only will you get affiliate commissions if someone signs up, but we will also be judging and giving awards for what we feel are the best ads.

Dance / Sing / Film

The best video-wearing the t-shirt will win the best Dancer / Singer / Film Video award. You can also use your affiliate link to promote so that if anyone clicks through and buys, you make 20 % royalties for the life of the client. The best video will win a USD 100 prize and the honor of winning the prized trophy.

How it works 

  1. Wear an t-shirt (buy one from us or make your own) or have showing somewhere on your video 
  2. Upload to your own YouTube, TikTok or Vimeo channel 
  3. HashTag 


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