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Brands can spend a huge budget to organize an event. After the event has been and gone though, the attendees often quickly forget about the brand and move on with their lives.

Zeina Abdalla, CEO of, helps brands to keep their interaction with visitors at their event longer.  A simple concept of a digital photo booth where visitors can take a photo of themselves.  These photos are usually then put on facebook and so the brand can appear on people’s facebook photos.

Innovations such as Fishfayce help companies to market in the new economy as people start spending more time in front of facebook than reading traditional magazines.  Businesses ultimately want a chance to appear in front of consumers and Fishfayce offers the perfect solution.  Starting with one photobooth, Zeina has managed to expand the business to multiple photo booths.

The interview below was at the Celebration of Entrepreneurship event in Dubai – you can join other entrepreneurs in the Middle East region by signing up at (for free).

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