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The views represented on this website are my own.  They do not represent anyone else.  Most of this is my opinion – if you don’t agree with me please feel free to say so in the comments.

I am a heavy reader and speak to a lot of people so can not always attribute from where I got the information – so if any of my figures are wrong or you feel I have directly copied your ideas please let me know or attribute yourself in the comments.  Hopefully, I haven’t plagiarized but if I have please allow me to correct.

You are free to use any of my ideas/content (an attribution would be nice!).

Please do not use swear words or other inappropriate language in the comments as it will be taken out – this website needs to be readable by my mother without embarrassing me.

I have several of my own internet ventures that I might promote through this blog.  Some are listed at https://amiranzur.com/webpreneur.

I currently live in Dubai and own properties there so it’s also in my interest to promote the city and country.

I will occasionally use affiliate codes with products/people that I promote.  For instance if I recommend a book and you click through to Amazon and purchase it, I make around 5 % of what you buy.

Please note that I will only promote products that I think will help you – if you find that something I recommended is not to be bought by others – please let me know (comments on the website are the best way).

Some of these ideas have worked well for me and others haven’t.  It is up to you to decide how much my ideas are helping you and do not take anything I say as “the truth” as you can only find out by implementing or doing your own research.

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