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I help people over 40 find meaning with their passion, as well as help them by hiring, training and managing a remote team (bringing their digital imagination to reality).

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Soraya had never run a digital business and was able to go from zero to employing 25 people within a year of working with us

Robbie and Sam worked with our team to bring their innovative edtech app to market

Tina was able to expand her corporate business in the digital world after getting some digital insights

I don't do many events but when I do people love learning and getting inspired about Internet entrepreneurship

People love coming to our events even skipping work so that they can set a new life for themselves

Speaking with me for even a short time will help you get your strategy together for the web

Azeem's father paid for his training. He used it to earn his first dollar online while he was still in high school and by the time he graduated he was in the top 1 % of earners in his country

Bruno hired some of our team and is still working with us 4 years later

Andreas wanted a unique strategy to raise money for his capital fund

I’m a Digital Entrepreneur, an Author and a Teacher.


Dedicated to helping individuals unlock their digital potential. With a background that spans coaching, digital innovation, and technology advisory, I bring a unique perspective to the table. 

Having worked with esteemed clients such as Amazon, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, and Xbox, I’ve a proven track record of bringing digital innovations to market spanning over 25 years now. 

Through my risk-free coaching program and thought-provoking books, I impart invaluable knowledge and strategies, empowering individuals over 40 to build thriving online businesses.

Here Are Some More Clients Who Had
Great Experience Working With Amir

Amir is a intelligent, commercial and innovative leader. I would recommend him to help develop new ideas and see them implemented.
Amir advised us and the result was significantly better uptake of our offer than would otherwise have been the case.
Amazing imagination. Sky is the limit for him
Government of Pakistan
I have worked with Amir in both the Governments of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and has witnessed Amir's passion and resolution to execute his innovation ventures in the e-commerce space. If you want your product to target market niches efficiently, Amir is your go-to person.
Government of Dubai
He's a powerhouse of knowledge, constantly spewing out new ideas faster than Bruce Lee doing kung fu. He's a visionary and a modern-day Internet superhero, helping entrepreneurs, governments, students and businesses grow online. You have to meet him to know what I'm talking about.
Amir is an inspiring speaker who knows how to influence his audience. He is keen to teach and learn. Amir is very innovative and a person who always thinks out of the box, he always does it in different way. Amir is an original thinker and I think that Amir is a plus for any organization seeking to be different"
Amir is an outstanding person, his passion for sharing knowledge is second to none. If you are interested in learning anything regarding the internet then his courses are the best value for money you will ever get. His in depth of understanding of his subject often leaves me over awed.
"During my time working for Amazon I had the pleasure of working with many leaders in Web Services. Amir is one of the most innovative people I've worked with. His platform for social mobile marketing is ahead of his time."
Don Young
In a world where most people strive to continuously improve one step at a time, Amir shines like a unique visionary who has the keys to unlock true breakthrough.
Government of Abu Dhabi
Mr. Amir wasn't only a teacher! He is a mentor! He was totally different from all the boring teacher in University of Dubai! Because you actually learn something from his quite rich knowledge in business and how to actually use it in your career life! He actually was the reason to give me a push and told me to start my business! I owe you big time sir! Thanks
University of Dubai
I was always in awe of his ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas – even people who were initially on completely different pages. Anyone working with Amir would be very lucky to have him as a great asset!
Product Box
Amir is a well-seasoned entrepreneur and internet marketer with a successful track record. This enables him to teach his students based on proven methods. I strongly recommend his courses to anyone who wants to manage an Internet-based business.
Amir is a dedicated person and times takes it to the extra mile to get his work done for whoever it might be. He knows what he is doing and sure is very presentable when it comes to his work. With his knowledge of his work he makes his work look easy. He gets a long with people very well. Would definitely recommend him to any company to help increase their productivity of their sales team.
Capital Star Logistics Group
Highly recommended guru! I cherish the privilege to be his student. I took his course and came across many hurdles as I established my first E-Commerce store. Nowadays, I am working very successfully on my project where I have imported a very hardcore skills-set from the UK, Switzerland and West-Indies - these all expertise in my professional work have come just because of Amir's guidance and cooperation!
Amir is a leader that adds value by serving others. He exhibits great competence, connection and character. I highly appreciate Amir’s great insight into the needs of people around him. He has a great way to stimulate personal and group excellence by focusing on strengths of the people. He is a professional and an entrepreneur with a vision.
Government of Dubai

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