Don't just read from the author, but hire the author

There are many experts in the world. People who took time to research a subject and become an expert. They might have spent years on a single niche in the world. The thing about writing a book is that it is different from being a pilot, where you need a license to fly an aeroplane.


Anyone can write a book. Especially now, with print-on-demand and many self-publishing tools available, it has become easier to become an author than ever before. But very few people write their books. Only some take the time to research a topic or take action to make it happen. That is why “authority” has the word “author” in it. An author is usually an authority on that topic.


A book has many benefits, such as media appearances, speaking on stage, etc. Where people want experts on their topics. I got invited to speak on two TedX stages thanks to my book. One of the talks has over 75,000 views on it. It feels good to reach so many people with a message I am passionate about. Thanks to my book, I have been on various UK, UAE, and Pakistan TV shows.


I generated over USD 400,000 in business through my first book, published in 2009. It took me quite a while to figure out how to monetize the book, so much so that I even wrote a book called “Youism: How to monetize your personal brand” (if you would like a FREE copy, please DM me “YOUISM”).


More people will want to do business with you if you are an expert worldwide. A specific small segment of society does not just want to read people’s books but wants to work with them, hire them, or promote them. You can be one of those people.


DM me DISCOVERY if you want to discuss how the book that will change your life is the one you write.

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