Drowning Out The Voices

You SHOULD be doing this....You SHOULD be doing that...

When you are doing anything new you will have several voices to deal with.

There will be many around you saying why it can’t be done.  There will be several people giving you advice which will take you the opposite direction to where you want to go.  Just remember you don’t need a license or any qualifications to give advice so if you ever start doubting yourself, know that your way is just as valid as their way.

And finally there will be your own voice.  The voice inside your head which has the doubts.  Are you really good enough?  Can it really be done?  Maybe this is a crazy idea.

Learn to drown out the negative voices.  To let them know that you have heard them but that you have chosen a path for your ideas and your life.  If you don’t learn to deal with the voices your success will be delayed.  Every decision will be second guessed and take you much longer to complete you journey.

Consciously dealing with the voices will help you get to the destination faster.

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