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In this podcast conversation, Amir Anzur, co-founder of FinTech, introduces himself as an experienced entrepreneur interested in finance. He discusses his collaboration with Eetu, a finance expert, to bridge his knowledge gap in finance.

Eetu, in turn, shares how FinTech started as a personal project to explore cryptocurrency and fintech, eventually growing beyond that scope. The conversation explores the broad definition of finance, encompassing various aspects from daily transactions to fintech’s transformative impact.

Amir discusses his experiences with fintech applications, emphasizing their importance in modern life. The conversation highlights the significance of finance and fintech in simplifying financial services.

Eetu then delves into Bitcoin mining, explaining the energy-intensive process and its environmental concerns. Amir raises questions about Bitcoin’s environmental impact and its adoption by environmentally-conscious figures like Elon Musk.

Eetu further explores Bitcoin’s decentralized nature, regulatory considerations, and market manipulation concerns. The conversation encourages a more profound exploration of finance-related topics in future discussions. 

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