No, as a policy, I don’t provide direct monetary assistance. Past experiences have shown that this approach leads to repeated requests for more funds. However, I offer opportunities to collaborate and make money together. By signing up as an affiliate, you can earn a 20% royalty for the life of any client you refer. Products start at $20, meaning you can earn up to $200,000 for a single referral.

Learning about sales as an entrepreneur, I learned how much trust is important.  I built several businesses and always made the biggest amount of sales through my personal brand.

In education the biggest impact is not by the school buildings or books but it is by the quality of the teacher.

I also want to elevate the brand of the teacher.  I did try several company brand names but realised for my own brand a personal brand is best. 

There are drawbacks, like I have to write the content and be the front person, but almost everyone – no matter how niche and lowkey has a personal brand they need to enhance.

We practice what we preach as we are a personal brand agency and are using the Amir Anzur personal brand to maket to people like you.

Please use clean and kid-friendly language. Avoid swearing or discussing adult themes to maintain a positive and family-friendly environment. Refrain from using religion-specific language to ensure inclusivity and global appeal. Additionally, avoid hate speech and political discussions to foster a collaborative and respectful online community.

The fastest way is to leverage the relationships you’ve already built. Your existing network can be valuable if they know, like, and trust you. Familiarize yourself with Amir Anzur’s website and read his six books. Convince your friends, family, or acquaintances to purchase Amir’s products, and you’ll earn a 20% commission on their purchases. This way, you can capitalize on your established trust and generate income efficiently.

 Just call me Amir. There’s no need for formal titles like “sir.” Using my first name promotes a collaborative and egalitarian working environment. While some cultures, such as the Philippines, Pakistan, and India, may traditionally use honorifics like “sir,” let’s adopt a global approach. In the spirit of the global economy, follow the practice common in American and British cultures, using first names for a more equal and collaborative working relationship.

The purpose of providing my books for free is to build relationships with you. When I initially attempted to sell my books in 2009, I encountered a significant barrier known as the “one-cent problem.” Even a minimal charge could deter people, especially in developing markets where credit card accessibility is limited. Offering the books for free is akin to having a conversation over coffee. I aim to keep the content concise, ideally below 9,000 words, allowing you to grasp the concepts within an hour.

These books are free and open source, empowering you to become my co-author on Amazon. You can access Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP.com), modify the content as you see fit, insert your affiliate links, and publish the book. The profits generated are split 50-50, fostering a collaborative business relationship. The goal is to create wealth together.

Reading the book enhances trust and is equivalent to sharing a coffee before engaging in business. I encourage the process of writing a book as it clarifies thinking and deepens understanding of the topic. My dream is for schools to include these books in their curriculum. Being free and open source allows schools to customize the content, insert their advertising, and distribute the book at no cost or a minimal printing expense. My ultimate aim is for these books to be widely read, leveraging over 25 years of knowledge in the digital economy to expedite your journey and save you valuable time in wealth creation.

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