Finding My Audience

As I began to venture into the world of writing I pretty soon started to struggle to find what my “niche” was going to be. Is it technology, personal development or entrepreneurship? Should my style be funny or serious? Am I targeting the 1.5 billion Muslim niche market where I am placed now? Or is it the European/American consumer market in which I grew up?

The internet has given me so many choices that I started to get paralysis by analysis.

So then I tried to think about my audience (i.e. you). I looked at my Facebook “friends” – a great place to start. As you will learn in starting a business the first people to usually invest/buy are the three “Fs” (friends, family and fools). As most of my friends and family are on my list and I’m a fool, my Facebook list is my perfect place for my initial focus group.

As you write (paint, code, sing) its important to picture your audience – who is going to be your customer/fan?

And this is where I started to struggle. You see if we meet in a one on one situation I customize what I talk about to you. I know you find technology boring so I don’t talk about it. I know your sense of humor is sarcastic so I adapt. Or if I know you are German, I simply don’t tell any jokes.

Now though I am no longer writing an email or having a conversation with an individual. And as I know so many different types of people who exactly do I focus on?

The answer suddenly came to me. I focus on me. I write to please myself. What would I want to read? What would I find entertaining? What would I like to learn? What would I love to see in a product?

You really can’t please all of the people all of the time. Neither do I want to just please. For some people, my initial product launch will be good enough. I know though that it can be better. If Steve Jobs did things just to please people, he would have stopped at the Mac – he had enough fans – but now the products keep coming.

I’m the best customer/audience/fan I can have. I know how much further I can push myself. I know what I find funny and what I find lame. I also know that although I might adapt 20 % of me according to a situation/person/location – 80 % of my core is usually the same wherever I go.

As any writer knows, boosting your audience’s ego will always help you maintain a good relationship with your fans.

I’ve found my target audience:  a good looking, charming, intelligent, nomadic, Pakistani guy. He is truly amazing and if you are ever lucky enough to meet him, please let him know how amazing and humble he is.

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Amir Anzur

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  1. Nooruddin Muzzaffar

    Nice one. Indeed that was quite humble of you! 😉

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